Who can call you from an unknown phone number?

Who can call you from an unknown phone number?

It is impossible to always answer your phone, so it is a common thing to have a few missed calls on your smartphone. When you can identify callers there is no problem, but what should you do, when you see an unknown phone number? If you want to be safe and avoid falling victim to a fraud, you definitely should not return the call or pick it up right away. If you do not recognize the phone number you have to be really cautious and alert, because this may be another telemarketing call that is so stubbornly trying to sell you their overpriced product or provide unnecessary service.

The same rules apply to restricted phone numbers, that are often used by scammers and crooks. Their methods usually consists on impersonating a trusted company, mainly to phish for sensitive, personal data. Probably one of the most common tactic used by fraudster is so called one ring scam – fraudsters call you, giving you no chance to pick it up, so that you need to call them back. And when you do, you get extra charged, which you usually discover when you get the phone bill at the end of the month.

Sadly telephones can be used by pranksters who call random people, often in the middle of the night or repeatedly during the day – generally at anti-social hours, when it is the most inconvenient and oppressive. Another group of nuisance phone calls are made by malicious callers or stalkers. Most of the time they are not dangerous, but can be quite disturbing, as they often use abusive, offensive or sexually explicit language.

As you can see, there are a lot of dangers associated with unknown phone numbers. But luckily there is an easy way to avoid becoming a victim. Before you decide to call them back check the number and make sure you are not dealing with fraudsters or dangerous crooks. If you already identified mysterious caller leave your feedback and help others.

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