Statute of social network
General information:
§ 1 Service provider gives all users the platform (social network) basically free of charge for searching as well as posting comments on companies’ telephone numbers. The social network is working pro-social in order to gather opinions and give a clue to users who are searching for some information about the owner of one particular telephone number who previously called them offering advertisements or with the aim of selling something. Service provider offers deleting personal data of each particular telephone number in case of the request being sent by the user. The ownership of telephone numbers is not verified by the service provider.
§ 2. The statute describes conditions, rules and the way how social network functions.
§ 3. Using social network means acceptance of all terms being written in the present statute
§ 4. The statute is valid from:
§ 5. Statute- the present statute makes use of the following service :
§6. Service- It is a social network that is available c/o, providing the service of telephone numbers’ aggregation and comments (compliant with the rules and consideration for the law) which are strictly related to those numbers.
§7. Service provider- the service provider is Unknown Number US

Practicality and the service’s extent
§ 8. Service enables:
- Searching for telephone numbers by all users
- Adding telephone numbers by all users
- Adding and posting comments under each particular telephone number by all users
§9. Users’ comments represent their own , individual opinions. Users are responsible for their own comments.
§11.The content of the comments is not verified by the service provider. Curses, racial and religious attacks and adding comments about private individuals is strictly forbidden
§10. Social network enables using their practicality free of charge
Users’ appurtenances
§ 11. Every user has the right to make use of the social network bearing in mind functions that social network provides and which are mentioned in § 9 present statute
§ 12. Adding private telephone numbers and identifying them with physical persons is forbidden
§ 13. Using social network in the way that is against the law is strictly forbidden
Service provider’s right and preclusion of liability
§ 14. Service provider has the right to delete each telephone number without giving the reason for it
§ 15.Service provider has the right to delete each comment under one particular telephone number without giving the reason for it
§ 16. Service provider is not responsible for posting some information on the platform (the social network), including telephone numbers and comments under those telephone numbers. Service provider will establish cooperation with each authority indicating illegal users’ behaviour.
§ 17. Service provider as the right to edit comments
§18. Service provider has the right to modernize, edit as well as closing the service at any moment
Final provisions
§19. Service provider conditions the right to institute changes into the statute
§ 20. Statute is available c/o
§ 21. To all matters not settled in the statute will apply the relevant rules of law

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